As frustrating and challenging as the past several months have been, this has also provided a unique business opportunity and environment for growth that firms should be taking advantage of.  Very few organizations have ever or will ever have another opportunity like this to hit the reset button.  Pause, reflect and evaluate what you want your firm to look like going forward.  Hint:  “how it looked in February” is not the right answer.  

Even though we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our teams and our organizations recently, it’s surprisingly easy to slip back into old habits when we return to a familiar environment.  If you want the positive changes you’ve experienced to continue, it’s going to require a team effort.  Some of the changes or approaches you’ve used in a 100% remote environment may have to be adjusted slightly for your new normal.  There has never been a better time to make critical changes to your firm and your operations.  You have a clean slate, a fresh start.  

Exciting as these changes can be, I will caution you against jumping into action without a clear vision.  This can be costly and ineffective in the long-term, as you risk implementing changes that don’t work in the larger system, or don’t support the growth and goals you desire.  Instead, invest time in deep reflection about this chapter and about your organization’s future.

Reflecting about your firm can be overwhelming. Where do I begin?  Here are a few questions to get the creative juices flowing.  I recommend coming together with your partners and key decision makers to explore these questions and possible outcomes in a facilitated strategic brainstorming session.   

The general focus of the discussion should center around these two themes:  

What worked or didn’t work?

What grew out of this opportunity that wouldn’t have happened otherwise?


Who thrived?  Who struggled?  

What did you learn about yourself, your team and your firm?

What can we do to support our team?  


What processes failed in a remote environment?

What process changes that we made will we keep in place?

What processes still require improvements?


What have we learned about our existing clients during this time?

Has this experience clarified who your ideal clients are?

Who (clients) is no longer a good fit for your firm?

How can we attract more of our ideal client?

Don’t stop there.  If there were other big takeaways or learning moments from this experience, think about what those changes look like for the future of your firm.  When implemented correctly, these learning opportunities and changes can have a significant, positive impact the trajectory of your firm.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to make improvements and become stronger as an organization.  

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