Hey there!

I am a CPA turned leadership coach, speaker & trainer.

I love accountants. They’re some of my favorite people on the planet- the brightest, hardest working and most clever people I know (…and I’m not just saying that because I am one). Most of my best friends are CPAs and I would be lost without them!

I also know that being an accountant is a tough job- because I’ve been there. I sat in that seat. It’s a career that is demanding of your time and energy, requires a high level of technical expertise…simply becoming a CPA can be grueling. On top of these technical expectations, accountants are also expected to interact with clients, lead & develop diverse teams of people, and, eventually, bring in business.

You might be thinking, “if you loved accounting so much, why did you switch careers?” GREAT QUESTION.

The truth is, the numbers side of accounting was never my thing, but I always loved the people. That’s why this is my dream job; I get to remain active in the profession, meet CPAs, aspiring CPAs and firm leaders from all over the country, and help those individuals & their companies meet their goals. All while never looking at an audit binder!



+ Being a strong leader doesn’t have to be hard, but let’s be honest… it’s not always easy.

+ Developing better leaders in the accounting profession will reduce burnout, turnover, improve client service, employee satisfaction and grow the bottom line.

+ If you set big enough goals, you won’t always know how to achieve them. We all need a coach at some point in our lives.


What does it look like?
I've helped...

+ A CPA candidate pass the CPA exam after literally failing over and over for 4+ years.

Another CPA candidate (who resisted the exam for years) get started & pass her first exam…with a 98%

A managing partner grow their firm by 30% in one year by developing his leadership skills and building more rainmakers in the partner group.

+ A Top 100 firm institute a recruiting program for students & hire their first interns who turned into full-time hires.

+ Another top 100 firm retain a high-potential performer by helping him overcome limiting habits and earn a promotion to manager.

+ Hundreds of young professionals develop leadership competencies and lead more effectively with step by step tools and strategies.