Join a community of like-minded Future CPAs!

If you’re just starting your CPA journey- or wanting a clean slate – and you want to do it right this time, this program is for you.

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The Problem

Passing the CPA exam is a critical step in your career. It’s also intimidating, scary, and a BIG challenge. You have to be self-reliant and self-motivated, but YOU’VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. You don’t have all the answers and may not know what it takes.

This leaves candidates feeling unsure about how to get started, afraid and unmotivated, worried about failing exams, under pressure from jobs and family, full of questions and stuck in so many ways.

More importantly, many candidates feel alone. Alone, afraid and unsure…until now.

I’ve made it my mission to change this.

The Solution:

My goal is to help as many CPA candidates as I can to start their journey to CPA off right, and build the confidence in themselves and their approach to start passing exams right away.



This program is a 4-week LIVE online course and community for future CPAs getting started on their exam journey.

It’s like a bootcamp for the CPA Exam – where you’re learning the tools, skills and strategies you need and building the mental endurance you need to be successful with your mission before heading into the testing center… with a lot less yelling and a lot more fun!

Would You Benefit From The CPA Exam Launchpad?

Should you join the next launchpad group?
Is it right for you?
Let’s find out.

Do These Statements Describe You?

  • You have questioned your ability to do this on your own.
  • You have questions about how to get started, what to spend time on, how to fit studying into your already busy life, and more.
  • You know there’s more to passing the exam than the technical knowledge
  • You want people to talk to who know what this exam is like and what it takes to pass
  • You are committed, open, coachable and invested in making it happen!
  • You want to surround yourself with other people who have big goals and positive energy, not people who will bring you down and drain you on your journey.
  • You have a positive attitude and want to contribute.

Your CPA Exam Preparation Journey


Participate in the 30-day Launchpad Program


Pair with your preferred study materials


Craft your ideal plan, detailed study schedule and master exam strategies


Pass the CPA exam

The CPA Exam Launchpad  Program

Everything you need to make passing the exam a more enjoyable experience!

Motivation. Planning. Scheduling. Strategy. Study habits. Mindset. Coaching. A strong community of people that are on the same journey as you.

This program helps you map out your exam approach and answers all of your burning questions ahead of time, so you don’t have to figure it out the hard (and expensive) way.

In the next 30 days, you will:

✓ Build the motivation to take on this challenge and keep your momentum alive

✓ Craft a plan to tackle the CPA exam that fits in your life and be held accountable to that plan

✓ Learn how to study for the exam, even if you have never had to study before

✓ Maximize every hour you invest in studying by knowing how and what to spend time on

✓ Develop a strong mindset and belief system

✓ Learn tools and skills to help you earn more points on your exam

✓ Explore ways to juggle studying with your other responsibilities, like work and family.

✓ Build a community of like-minded CPAs to talk to and who understand the journey you’re on.

✓ Get supported by our CPA coaches and get your questions answered.

The CPA Exam Launchpad?

What Exactly Do I Get?

Using zoom app for distance video communication with coworkers, friends. People profiles on laptop desktop. Online meeting, webinars

Group Calls Schedule

Monday: Week 1 at 5:00 PM Pacific

Monday: Week 2 at 5:00 PM Pacific

Monday: Week 3 at 5:00 PM Pacific

Monday: Week 4 at 5:00 PM Pacific

Benefits of Joining
The CPA Exam Launchpad

Here’s how we help you get ready to take on the CPA Exam

Finally pass the CPA exam with the right support from the CPA Exam Launchpad from Well Balanced Accounting

Expert Coaches who are CPAs: Finally you have someone to talk to who understands. Erin and our coaches have years of experience coaching hundreds of candidates through the exam process and have been through it themselves. You get direct access to these experts as they guide you on the path to success.

Weekly Call Structure: These calls provide more human connection during what can be a lonely journey. Our small groups and our coaches meet weekly to ensure you’re making progress and getting your questions answered. We also use these calls to provide support coaching to keep you moving and to celebrate your successes!

Accountability and Guidance: We won’t leave you guessing about what to do next. Each week, we provide tools, lessons and action steps for you to take. We’ll make sure you stay on track and will give you the stamp of approval on your plans.

Specialized Trainings: Topics include crafting the best study approach for you, how to manage your time and earn more points on the exam, how to get mentally prepared to take on the exam and so much more. We aren’t leaving anything to chance when it comes to your preparation for these exams.

Community: We’ll connect, support each other, learn from one another and have fun! Having a supportive community helps to build and sustain momentum, create consistency and good habits, and increases the odds that you’ll stick with and meet your goals.

Strategy: You will gain confidence in your approach and your preparation, making studying easier and less of a burden- and increase your chances of passing the exam.

Here’s What People Had to Say


Once Erin got involved there was a plan.

Erin helped me with daily and weekly goals and a definitive testing date. She provided great advice dealing with difficult people to keep it a priority. Having weekly calls kept me accountable.

Now that I have passed all the CPA exams I feel truly empowered in my career. I am currently discussing promotion,compensation increase and bonus with my firm.


I was a full time working mother and wanting to pass my CPA, but feeling overwhelmed.

I customized my study plan to what would work for me. Her weekly calls held me accountable to our study plan. After 6 weeks of working with Erin, I passed FAR.

There are no shortcuts and this is a lot of work, but she helped immensely and kept me focused vs. overwhelmed. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with the CPA.


Untitled 4.003
Untitled 4.002
I had passed all parts before, only to watch them all expire because of my inability to get through FAR.

I had no plan, no motivation, and a sense of despair and hopelessness that seemed insurmountable.

The culmination of our work was her sending me into the test with a solid plan and a belief that I could accomplish what I once found impossible. The result was me passing and gaining a newfound belief in myself and what my limits are.

If you are considering coaching or working with Erin, my advice is to reach out to her. It will only take the introductory call for you to realize the impact she can have on you and your exam journey.



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Q: Is this tutoring? Will you help me with depreciation schedules and SOCF?

A: No, we leave that to the study materials experts. While I (Erin) and the other coaches have passed the CPA exam, we’re not the ones to help you with these details. Plus, your books cover it way better than we can.

Q: What if I want individual attention or have specific questions?

A: That’s what our group calls are for. This is your opportunity to get all of your questions answered that weren’t addressed in the trainings. We welcome your comments and questions and are here to support you!

Q: What if I need additional help after this program?

A: We have several programs designed to provide ongoing support and accountability during your CPA journey. Set up a call and we can explore what will best fit your needs.

Q: I’ve taken a few exams already. Can I join this program?

A: This course is designed for new candidates and those who want a fresh start with the exam, but the tools are beneficial for anyone who is sitting for the exam. Just to be sure it’s the right fit, contact us!