High Potentials

Are you ready to earn that big promotion?

Do you have your sights set on being a partner, but need to master a few key skills to get there?

Do you want to grow your firm or learn how to become a rainmaker?

Have you reached a turning point in your career and know it’s time to define your next move?

If you answered yes to any of the above, high-performance coaching is for you.

6 Month Coaching Package


24 coaching calls designed to help you reach your desired outcomes
Gain clarity about what ignites you & brings out the best in you so you can do more of THAT.
Understand what drives the automatic behaviors that are holding you back from experiencing the next level of success and fulfillment .
Identify what leadership behaviors are working, and which you’ve outgrown.
Design new approaches and behaviors that will help you reach the next level & thrive in your new role.
Develop new habits to solidify long-term sustainable change in your leadership and your life.

Consider Pairing Coaching with the 360 Leadership Circle.

The level of awareness gained from the 360 survey allows us to dive deeper into the coaching right away. The feedback you receive also helps us to focus our development plan in the area that will earn them the most impact.

Say Yes!

To stepping up in your career
To reaching your next level of leadership
To becoming a Well Balanced Accountant.