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I’m a big believer that taking care of your wellbeing is key to supporting your leadership. You, being well, makes you a better leader.

But it wasn’t always this way. I resisted taking care of myself for years. I convinced myself that it didn’t make a significant difference in my performance, my outlook or my results. I further convinced myself that since my results weren’t as good as they could be* that I didn’t deserve to take time off to take care of myself and my wellbeing. I should be working harder to get better results.

*If this sounds like you, look out! It’s a trap. My results were great, but in the mind of a perfectionist/goal oriented overachiever, they would never have been good enough. Familiar?

I embraced my wellbeing in a new way beginning this year. I got sick and tired of creating so-so results when I KNEW deep down I was capable of more. I was bored with getting better results than most people by doing 75%. I was (and am) ready to reach my full potential. I’m committed to it.

It’s making a big difference for me. I notice a difference immediately when I don’t do my morning wellbeing practices and instead jump right into my day. I’m less focused, more scattered, and much less productive. I get scared more easily. I over-think things and let projects take too much time.

My invitation to you is to explore taking exquisite care of yourself. I’d love to see it become a lifelong practice, but I’d settle for a trial period of 2 weeks . Explore how you feel when you complete your practices and when you don’t. Adjust if necessary. Keep going.

Here is a list of easy wellbeing practices that you can try:

10 minute meditation
10 minute yoga
10 minute breathing break
10 minute walk
10 minute dance break
10 minute stretching
10 minutes of reading
10 minute journaling
Do Puzzles
Drinking enough water
Eating healthy food
Listening to music
Lighting a candle
Listen to enriching podcasts
Get enough sleep
Take time off
Do a skincare routine
Experience Joy
Practice gratitude
Get creative
Learn something new
Connect with someone
Dream about your Future
Have fresh flowers in your space
Get a massage
Play with your pet
Play with children
Play (in general)
Read affirmations

Pick a few activities to do daily, weekly and monthly. Do at least 1 thing for yourself daily & enjoy the fruits of your investment. You’re worth it.