Mock Exams- Your New BFF

So many of my clients groan and grumble when we talk about taking mock exams in
preparation for their CPA exam. I sometimes find myself hesitating to even suggest it
because I’m so often met with pushback about using these mock exams as a resource
in getting ready for your exam.
I’ve heard it all…they take too long, I don’t want to burn out by spending 4 hours doing
this test, I have so many other things I need to be studying…the list goes on. Hear me
out on this. In all my years of coaching CPA candidates, the most successful
candidates complete AT LEAST ONE mock exam, sometimes more.
Here’s why they need to be your BFFs!

  1. It’s still studying! Even though you’re not listening to a lecture or cranking out hundreds of MCQs, taking a mock exam is still studying. You’re being exposed to the material again, getting more practice and reinforcing what you’ve already learned.
  2. Uncover “problem areas” that you didn’t know you had. Use the mock test as a tool to gauge what other areas you can improve in. You might be thinking you’re #crushingit, but if you’re not, it’s better to know sooner then later!
  3. Learn how to manage your time. The mock test is a great time to try out your time management strategy. If you’ve taken our Launchpad course, you have a solid idea of what your strategy should be, but it never hurts to test it out and see if it needs adjusting!
  4. Practice your other test-day strategies. Just like time management, it’s one thing to have an idea of how you’re going to approach the “real thing”, but it really helps to have a dry-run. This way, you’ll feel confident in your approach on exam day and not have to worry about trying something new for the first time.

Long story short, TAKE THE MOCK EXAMS! Don’t forget that the AICPA offers mock exams for each section of the CPA on their website.

For more information about the CPA Exam Launchpad, visit us here:

Good luck & cheers to 75s!

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