My Clients’ Biggest Studying Regret

After one of my CPA exam clients sits for a section of the exam, we do a detailed debrief call to hash out how their exam went.  I obviously love to hear how they felt about the exam and gauge their confidence level, but that’s not what I’m really after.  I really want to know what they would do differently next time to be better prepared.

What do I hear the most?  “I wish I had done more progress quizzes”.

In my mind, they’re really saying “I wish I had done more progress quizzes [like you suggested, Erin].”  I don’t have to say “I told you so!” ☺

It’s the most common feedback that I hear, and it shows up as a regret for all parts of the exam equally.  So, why aren’t they doing it then?

Most candidates skip the progress quizzes in favor of moving through new material and checking the boxes.  They’re afraid that taking time to review material they’ve already seen might put them behind with new material, causing them to rush at the end.  This is a risk, but one that you can avoid by planning appropriately.

Progress quizzes are AWESOME.  Here’s why:

  1. They help keep the content fresh!
  2. They give you a chance to practice on areas where you struggle
  3. They can highlight new areas that you didn’t know you were struggling in.
  4. They give you a chance to practice mixed content like you’ll see on the exam.
  5. They help identify “traps” with MCQs that you’re getting caught up in.
  6. They test your retention.

That’s all folks.  They’re the bomb, everyone knows they should be doing more progress quizzes and yet they’re usually the first thing to be dropped from your study routine.  Don’t have the same regrets my clients have had. Make sure to allocate time in your plan for these critical learning tools.

Cheers to 75!

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